Episode 20 A+A Podcast: GRIT + Business Alignment

GRIT + Business Alignment

Grit is a theory by Angela Duckworth which looks at what causes successful people to be successful. We explore it further in my workshop on upgrading your mindset. Register now: alignandattract.com/mindset

If you work for yourself - you absolutely do have grit.

Grit is all about how you move towards long-term goals and what you do when you face challenge or adversity. Angela found that passion and perseverance are key - more important than intelligence or talent, and also reminds us, like in Growth Mindset - even factors like intelligence are not fixed and can grow.

For this episode of the podcast, I focused on three ways I sometimes see clients use their grit in the "wrong" ways... burnout anyone?!

Let's dive in...

3 ways I see clients use their Grit in the "wrong" ways

I wonder if you'll relate to any of these. 

  1. Obsessing or fixating on one specific outcome, process or pathway to success
  2. Applying their GRIT in short bursts - pouring heaps of passion into a new program or product or launch... and then moving on to something new before it has a chance to become successful or grow (of course - sometimes moving on is perfect, discernment is key!)
  3. Working too hard, perhaps on the "wrong" things (busy work!), or getting SO caught up in the passion for your work that you lose balance and become burnt out

Think about how you use your Grit, and if there are any tweaks you want to make.

In the episode, I share 3 things to do about it - watch or listen to hear what they are.

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