Episode 16 A+A Podcast: Feeling Stuck when Creating? Quick Ways to Create More Alignment

Feeling Stuck when Creating? Quick Ways to Create More Alignment

Sometimes you sit down to create and the inspiration just doesn't flow. You need to write that article, create that podcast episode, plan a webinar, get some social media sorted, write that newsletter... or something else. You want it to connect with your ideal clients, not just tick a box!

So, how do you create more alignment so you can get on with creating something wonderful? Let's dive in...

Here are the five steps:

1 - Do a quick goal alignment. If you're not in Align + Attract or don't have my DIY Kinesiology Kit, sign up to do a free goal alignment with me here. YAY!

2 - Get moving! Turn the music up and DANCE. Or some other kind of movement - squats, lunges, yoga stretches. Change your state and energy.

3 - Use a different task to find flow. Be careful - set a time limit on this and make it a defined task you can complete! Schedule some social media, do some book keeping, empty your dishwasher.

4 - Think of a client who might benefit from this action. Do it for THEM. Connect to your WHY.

5 - Get still. Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.

How are you feeling now?

I was feeling stuck when creating this podcast episode - none of the topics I had written down felt inspiring at the time so I asked myself: What would I recommend a client do if they felt stuck creating? I started creating a list.

Of course, my first idea was to do a goal alignment, since that's the number one tool I teach in Align + Attract group program.

Honestly, doing the goal alignment unblocked everything.

I was then inspired to create the free goal alignment video for you and the rest of the content flowed, felt easy and fun and most importantly - like something that could be super helpful for one or more of my beautiful clients. Hopefully it's super helpful for YOU.



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