Episode 15 A+A podcast: Fall in Love with Strategy with Tash Corbin

Fall in Love with Strategy with Tash Corbin

Today's episode is part of my Your Aligned Business series, where I interview inspiring people about their aligned businesses and the choices they've made to align their business with their values, goals and priorities.

Tash Corbin is a business coach and marketing mentor for women who want to change the world. She specialises in high-connection, high-conversion business growth. She's the creator of the Heart Centred Business Conference and facilitates a Facebook community of over 34,000 entrepreneurs. 

Her incredible work can be found at tashcorbin.com.

You can hear the full episode below. Here's a snippet of our conversation...



Be specific about who you are trying to reach.

Kerry: So today we're going to talk about strategy. Which is one of those topics that some people can find quite intimidating, especially people in my kind of audience, but it's something that you do incredibly well and teach incredibly well. So I'd love to know when you are talking about strategy... What exactly are you talking about?

Tash: The first thing I want to say about strategy is that different strategies have different jobs. And so I like to break down the client attraction, conversion and delivery process into five stages. Stage one is reach. There are a bunch of different ways that you can reach new audiences. So that's where some strategy options come in. We can get very excited about reach strategies and ignore some of the other strategies. So when it comes to developing reach, you can use organic strategies like being in Facebook communities, posting on your Facebook page, using Instagram, Pinterest, SEO, all of these are organic strategies that will grow your audience and reach new people. You can also use paid strategies with ads or having someone do social strategies for you... So there's lots of options. And I would say reach strategies are one where ultimately any of them can work, but the more specific you are about who you're trying to reach, the easier those decisions become. 

Nurture your audience.

Tash: So if you're trying to reach an audience that mostly uses Instagram, use Instagram as your reach strategy, if you're trying to reach an audience that mostly is on Facebook, use Facebook as your strategy. That's generally the rule that I would recommend when it comes to reach strategies, but I find most people don't avoid reach strategies. They know they need to reach new people and they're willing to try some things where people can sometimes miss out on that strategic decision-making and picking strategies consciously is the next layers of that process. The second step is nurture. So nurturing your audience. And I also want to say that different strategies can do a combination of these things. So your Align + Attract podcast, for example, Kerry, it reaches new people because people can be recommending it to their friends. But it's also a great nurture strategy because people who love you and already know about you get to understand you a little more, get to learn from you a little more.

And that's really nurturing for that audience. Helping people move forward on their journey with free information. If we think about ways that you could nurture your audience, it's generally consistent content. So you can nurture your audience with a podcast, a YouTube channel, blogging, video blogging. You can nurture your audience by doing a Facebook live every Friday at midday. And everyone knows to come to that. So lots of different options. Again, we want to find the thing that works for your audience and also in the nurture phase. I always say play to your strengths. If you're great on camera, do something on camera. 

Create trust and people are likely to share.

Tash: When I create a webinar, one of my goals is to ensure that that webinar is really valuable to everyone attends regardless of whether they purchase from me or not. They'll come to those webinars consistently because they know they're going to get great value out of it. And it creates so much trust with my audience that then people are more likely to share. It just makes such a big difference.

Kerry: That's awesome. And I want to talk to something you've just mentioned about the idea of doing a webinar as compared to doing a Facebook live or showing up in your Insta Stories. Whatever it is, where that's a more in the moment strategy where it's like people might come or maybe you can share it afterwards, but what do you find is the value of doing something like that webinar as compared to just showing up in the moment?

Play to your strengths.

Tash: So different things do different jobs. You can run a Facebook live to focus on reach to a cold audience. You can do a Facebook live to focus on nurturing and lead generation in your business. The big difference I find is with a webinar, you can go through that entire client attraction process in with one thing. So a webinar can be used to reach new audiences because you're going out and promoting that webinar to colder audiences and people are spreading the word. It's also a nurturing opportunity because you're delivering on a great outcome in your, in your teaching space.

If your best space is teaching to a crowd? Please incorporate it into your marketing strategy because people get to see you're showing up in your best space. If you just show up in your zone of genius, more and more often, the abundance mindset creates this amazing snowball. And yes, there are some ways that you can differentiate between what you present in a webinar versus what's inside your program. But most importantly, we are in the business of transformation, not information. And so what I love about that is when I understand that when people pay to work with me, they experience transformation. 

Connect with your audience - and get curious.

Tash: Connect with your audience and try and make that as intimate as possible. So don't send an email to a mailing list and say, 'Hey, want me to tell you about my next product?' No, send them an email that says 'I'm really curious to know what makes your business feel the hardest and how can I help you to make it feel easier and more aligned?' And pay attention to the answers that you're getting from that audience.

Kerry: One thing I love is you're talking about strategy, but then you make it very personal and very connecting. And I think that's something that for me and for a lot of the people I work with, that's what we really desire. So it's, it's kind of like you can have your cake and eat it too. You can feel really connected, but you can actually take onboard some strategy and make things easier for yourself. And often it's a better experience for your clients as well. 

Step 3 of Tash's strategy is Lead Generation, Step 4 is Conversion and Step 5 is Delivery - listen to or watch the episode to hear Tash outline these. 

So what did you think, wasn't Tash brilliant? Find her at tashcorbin.com and for more on creating alignment in your business, check out Align + Attract. Thank you so much for being here.


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