Episode 13 A+A podcast: Building a Truly Intuitive Business with Sara Brooke

Building a Truly Intuitive Business with Sara Brooke

Today's episode is part of my Your Aligned Business series, where I interview inspiring people about their aligned businesses and the choices they've made to make their business beautifully aligned to them, their values, goals and priorities.

Sara Brooke is a teacher, writer and ceremonialist who works with people worldwide, guiding them to connect to authentic soul medicine through her one-on-one sessions and transformative guided rituals. Her business The Space In Between weaves together energy healing, earth wisdom, and subtle plant medicine.

Sara inspires people to reclaim their own power intuition and authentic energy so they can create fulfilling lives of meaning and beauty. She believes alignment is key to creating an intuitive business. You can hear the full episode below. Here's a snippet of our conversation ...


Fluid and intuitive.

Kerry: Your work is very much based on your own intuition and your own guidance. I'd love you to explain to us a little bit more about that. I think it's really inspiring for all of us to think about how can we offer our work when we feel called to do it in our own unique way...

Sara: It's been super scary and really vulnerable offering this work out to my community because it feels so important to my heart. I feel like, 'Oh, I'm finally getting exactly the thing that I'm here to be in service to'. We're working with hibiscus and the bees and it's supporting women to really come into their Queen energy. It just feels so on purpose for me and natural and fluid and flowing. It's been an evolution of years of work. So I started with running circles, running seasonal events, watching what would happen in those spaces, some of it very fluid and intuitive.

The power of shared intention.

Sara: I can design a group experience and I'm fascinated and obsessed with working with groups because there's just this power that comes together when people are sharing a similar intention. The magic that happens when we're journeying with people going through the same thing of being seen and validated and encouraged. Being able to weave that for a group and just absolutely trusting that the right people will come together into my group events. That's been a muscle that I've developed over the years. So it's first and foremost, a space and a permission for people to really tune more deeply into themselves to work on their intuition. And then there are little things that I'll invite people to do that might only take five or 10 minutes per day. But when that's done consistently, there's huge changes.

Kerry: So it's just all woven together. You're really constructing this quite unique journey...

Sara: Yeah. So there's the Lotus journey, which is really around intuition and connection to the highest self. Hibiscus is for women really wanting to come home to their bodies to heal body image issues and all of this stuff that as women are carrying, that blocks us from our creative power. The advice I would give to anyone wanting to design their own program is you need to embody and integrate it yourself. Because when that happens, it's much easier to align to clients and students. And I find when I'm talking to other practitioners who are designing something or putting something out there, if they haven't integrated it, they will struggle to get people into that experience.

Walk your talk.

Kerry: I think that's a key part of alignment and is sometimes overlooked - really walking your talk. Is there anything else you can share with us about why you think that happens or any advice you can give to other people that are thinking 'I would love to be able to attract more people to group experiences?'

Sara: I think for me it was finding authentic ways to talk about my work rather than showing up and doing a certain marketing technique or a strategy technique that maybe someone else had said, 'Hey, this is a business model to follow'.  I've realised in reflection - and you and I had talked about - my business runs a hundred percent on alignment. I'm not strategy focused at all. And anytime I've gone down the path of too much strategy for me that tends to put me in positions where I might not attract people or not attract the right people or put unnecessary pressure on myself. And so for me, it's taken years to get to this point. And I want to actually say that in full transparency too - it's not overnight success.

Kerry:  With regards to your work with me on alignment, what kinds of actual shifts within you and then in the external world were you noticing?

Sara: It was a big pivot shift of rather than having to show up for everyone, I'm just showing up for those people I'm meant to be in service to that are going to hugely benefit from what I can offer. And they're a joy and a delight to work with. And that was a foundation that stayed with me and I continually come back to it. I can definitely be a bit of a workaholic. I love my business. I can be a bit obsessed with it. So for me, finding those boundaries is really important because sometimes it can turn into a slippery slope where my business is bossing me. I think it was everything that you'd seeded. And then when you released the Align + Attract book, it was such a reminder for me of 'Gosh, I've got to stay on top of this as like a seasonal thing to check in because I'd let it slip'. My business was bossing me. I wasn't being the boss of my business. I wasn't creating a business that was in alignment with my whole life. I turned my whole life into my business. So that's why it's also been important for me. And I know for people that I've referred to your work or other women that I know that run businesses. That's a common wound and a common thing that will tend to happen. It's like the business is the baby and it just takes over everything.

The body is always going to tell us.

Sara: That's why coming back to the alignment process is important because sometimes for me as a creative, I just need more play in my life. I need to be more creative in other aspects of my life, not in business. So again, having the alignment process, just to come back in as the disseminate and also the intuition hack to get out of my mind and go 'This is actually what's going on in my body'. And the body's always going to tell us, it's amazing.

Kerry: Sara, you're amazing. You can find out more about Sara's work at The Space In Between. If you enjoyed this episode, I would love for you to share it with a friend. If you'd like to learn more about alignment and aligning your energy to your goals, take a look at my course and my book over at Align + Attract. Thanks so much for being here.




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