Episode 12 A+A podcast: Creating Your Million Dollar Business Mindset with Kelli Mitchell

Creating Your Million Dollar Business Mindset with Kelli Mitchell

Kelli Mitchell was "running on adrenalin and desperation" in the early days of her business. We met when she joined my Align + Attract program which she says helped her start enjoying her business in a new way and unblocked what was holding her back.

Now, she's the founder of the Pink Lemonade Company, a six-figure business she's truly passionate about. She empowers other women by helping them transform their lives through creativity and possibility.

Kelli believes we can all design our lives and our businesses to feed our souls AND our families. You can hear the full episode below. Here's a snippet of our conversation ...


Running on adrenalin and desperation.

Kelli: The early days ... I found myself in 2015 with three babies, a load of bills, a business that was not providing much income. I had to figure out how to get things done quick. I was strictly running on adrenaline and desperation. And so I knew I had to make this thing work and I wasn't even sure that was possible. I think it was around 2015, 2016 was when I was like, 'Okay, I want this to work'. I was struggling so much and I just couldn't do it anymore. I was so exhausted. So from 2015 and 2017, I'm kind of working on my mindset and it's opening the doors. And it really made me question the thoughts I had around myself and just the whole belief system. So 2018, it was when you opened the doors to Align + Attract. So I was able to get in there, and it completely shifted so much stuff for me.

Kerry: What sorts of things were you finding were coming up for you? Like as blocks or as mindset issues that you were becoming aware across these few years were really holding you back?

Kelli: Oh my goodness. I had so many blocks. Not only just from dealing with like getting out of my marriage, and feeling like very low with that, but just how we just have stuff from our childhood or just stuff that we pick up from society. And none of it was really working for me. So there were a million blocks there. It was really funny because every time we would do an alignment in Align + Attract, I drew the throat chakra card, every single time. But it made so much sense because it's like my voice. I just didn't even know what to say. I couldn't find my truth. 

Kerry: So for you, it was a theme around the throat and around communication and finding the truth and being able to express that will you then, as you became clearer on that, clear on your own truth and more able to communicate. Is that when you started to find that you were seeing a shift in your business?

Watching thoughts and beliefs...

Kelli: Yeah. It allowed me to really look at things. I became very observant of my thoughts and my beliefs. And I started to question those. And I wasn't just accepting what I'd grown up with or what I picked up from society. It was just really expanding my mind. Like there could be a different way to do this. There could be a better way to do this and I could be worthy to do this. And so those were three, you know, big shifts that I had. Why can't I have this? Because these other people were finding success online. So why, why am I not getting to have it? And so just really examining that, that shifted me from a place of not feeling good enough to think 'I can do this. And not only do this, I can do this well.'  I think that just decision of like, 'I am going to do this and I'm going to heal the parts of me that need to be healed so I can do this well.'  I felt like I had that inkling, this gig can be really fun and interesting, and my life could look completely different. It was just those subtle little shifts, but they started to add up.

Kerry: And it sounds like you then started to kind of have fun with that idea that you could create something completely different is what I'm hearing in the way you just described that it wasn't like; 'Right, now I'm going to grind it out'. You kind of say like 'This is something that I could actually create. This could be fun to do this'. What does your business actually look like now?

Kelli: I have created this business that I'm absolutely so passionate about. And I work a lot less than I did then, which is beautiful because, you know, having three kids, not wanting to be chained to my desk all the time. And so I think I was like able to consciously create this thing that feels amazing and gives me freedom. And I get so passionate about it, which is why I really love helping other women, because this is possible for anybody regardless of their background. It's opened up so many doors for me.

Kerry: So I think this is going to be so interesting to people - your strategies did not change?

Kelli: No. What I tell my students today is that an aligned business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. And so some of those decisions, bringing on more people and to having a team support me, which we have a team of six now, which feels amazing compared to struggling and trying to do it all yourself or it doesn't work. And then also getting to say yes to the projects that really light me up. I do not say yes to anything unless it makes me feel abundant and joyful in my work day. And if it's not, if it doesn't check those boxes, then it doesn't get done. And so we've been able to really streamline where I'm not having to sell 15 different things. I run a multi six-figure business now, and it's just been phenomenal because it hasn't taking taken, you know, 10 years. It's just happened in the last three years. So it's just really shot off. And so it feels amazing because it's just like - how is this even possible? But I have endless gratitude for meeting the people I did. Seeing you in Denise's group and going through your courses. We all deserve massive success on our own terms, in our own freedom.

When you're aligned with your life, you're excited about it.

Kerry: So you're not feeling burned out, you're not feeling depleted. You're really doing the things that you love, your team sound like they are really excited by the work as well, and the way you support your clients. And then for your clients who come into each of those three services or, or product offerings, they are really excited by that as well.

Kelli: Absolutely. It's so much fun. We have a Facebook group and we're over 16,000 in there. And I honestly like, it does not feel like work when I show up every day. And I know people say that, and that's almost cliche. You're like, Oh, whatever, but it's, it literally is so much fun. I get to hang out with these amazing women. I'm grateful that I feel like I can get myself back into alignment a lot quicker. It's also about giving yourself permission to say, 'I can have that and I deserve that, and I'm going to create that'. And I think when you make that, that you have the permission, but then you give, you make the decision that you're going to do it. Yes. That really puts the ball in your court. Doesn't it? It's like, well, that's what I want. And that's what I'm going to create.  Cause it's always easy for the, the old stories to kind of creep back in. But now I can recognise it so much faster and I'm like, 'You're not welcome here. We don't do things like that anymore.'

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Kerry: Thank you for being with me today! Go check out pinklemonadecompany.com. If you're curious to learn more about the Align + Attract course Kelli mentioned in today's episode, you can find it over at alignandattract.com. I'd love to see you there.




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