Episode 107 A+A Podcast: Celebration + Connection with Rebecca Saunders

Celebration + Connection with Rebecca Saunders

You'll love Rebecca's story about how she started a company in Australia to be eligible for a visa while still VERY young, and how that company ended up experiencing rapid expansion when Covid hit. The subsequent burn out she experienced led to Rebecca birthing an entirely new business - the Champagne Lounge, - an online community (that’s not like the others!) for ambitious business owners like YOU who want to find their people, grow their network and celebrate life’s wins BIG and small. All for $1 a day.


Check out the Champagne Lounge here: http://thechampagnelounge.com

Learn how to ask for help with Rebecca's free resource: http://thechampagnelounge.com/helpConnect with Rebecca on Instagram at: http://instagram.com/therebeccasaunders and http://instagram.com/thechampagnelounge

Share your takeaways with me at: http://instagram.com/kerryrowett

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