Episode 1: Introducing the Align + Attract Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the Align + Attract podcast.

I created this podcast for you. This is a space for you to come and have this really warm, lighthearted, fun chat with me about your business, and specifically about your business alignment, because alignment is my thing. And it is how I grew my business right from the beginning.


I started my business back in 2009 as a Kinesiologist.

I worked with clients face-to-face in the Melbourne CBD. I did not have any background in marketing or business, and I was also pretty shy. So growing a business is certainly not something that came naturally to me. What I did have was the skills that I had as a Kinesiologist. 

I worked on myself to create alignment in relation to my goals and what I was trying to create in my business; to help me to attract more beautiful clients, to help me to continue to grow, and it worked really beautifully. I did attract really wonderful clients who got really fabulous results and who referred their friends and colleagues. A number of my clients over the years have gone on to study Kinesiology themselves, as they just got such great results out of the process.

Over time, I started to work with more female entrepreneurs. 

Firstly, when I was face-to-face, but then that escalated even more when I started working with my clients exclusively online which happened in 2014 - quite a long time ago now. These days, a lot of the female entrepreneurs I work with really are quite successful and some are very well known in their industries.

I work with my clients in several ways.

I have my book, Align + Attract, which is a story about a character whose name is Anna. She is embarking on a business journey and she is making some mistakes and hitting up against some challenges, but she's progressively getting herself into a greater state of alignment. My book is a good place to start, if you would like to do some reflection on your own alignment in your business.

I also work with clients in my Align + Attract group program. In that I teach participants how to align to their business goals - how to find out what their specific blocks are and how to release their internal blocks.

When I started my business, I would align to my business goals using all of the tools I'd learned as a Kinesiologist. I was using a whole range of different things, but eventually I developed this process, which I have called the alignment process. It is that process which I teach to other entrepreneurs. It's really simple. You don't need to have done three years of training as a Kinesiologist to be able to use it and you can get great results and align to your goals.

I also work with my clients privately.

Ultimately, this podcast is all about you.

I want to use this as a space to feel like I'm just connecting with you and we are having a really great discussion about your business. We might be talking about what's working really well for you at the moment and I'll also be asking questions which are going to help to highlight any gaps, challenges or blind spots you might have. You'll likely see where you want to make changes which are going to ensure your business is more in alignment with you and with what it is that you want and need at this time in your life.

For me, that's the beauty of business alignment.

It's knowing that my business might grow, and my business might contract at different times. I can change the structure of it. I can change so many different aspects of it so that it continues to be a reflection of my own values, priorities, goals, and so that I can be working towards creating something that I really love.

That's what I really want for you, that you can continue to reflect on what alignment looks like for you in your business and make sure that you are creating a business that you actually love.

The discussions I have on the podcast are going to be unscripted and initially they are all about me talking directly with you. I like things to feel really casual, really warm, and just like we are sitting down over coffee or perhaps over Voxer or over WhatsApp, and we're having a really great chat and it's the type of chat you go away from with the feeling:

"I have got some great ideas. I feel pretty inspired. I feel motivated and I'm ready to just go and do something awesome in my business today."

That's my intention.

I would love to hear from you if you've got any questions or suggestions. If over time you are listening to the podcast and you enjoy it, I would love it if you would write a review. And of course please do subscribe and perhaps share the podcast with a friend or a business colleague who you think might enjoy going down this business alignment journey with us as well. 

You can learn more about working with me and also download a copy of my free workshop on how to align your energy to attract more clients here

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