Live Melbourne Event

Friday 1st March 


Ready to expand your capacity?

One of my favourite ways to do this is to put myself in beautiful spaces with incredible, inspiring humans, thinking in expansive ways.

So I decided to create an event where we could do this together. I'll bring my magic and help you consciously expand your energy and capacity in relation to your goals, so you can step into your own next-level expansion.

We will meet at the Olsen, a premium Hotel on Chapel Street in Melbourne. 

I'll guide you through energetic processes and visualisations to gently expand your capacity to create + receive more.

Our intention is not to strive, to plan or even to spend a lot of time releasing blocks.

It is to create space for magic. For you to remember YOU. For you to devote your incredible energy and capabilities to your own dreams.

Across the day, you will enjoy a delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

There will be some time to mingle and network with the other incredible participants. There will be a few sweet surprises - like a little gift bag. But feel into the energy of the day over details.

If you like the idea of stepping into an energy of expansion and can trust that you will receive exactly what you need, I know this experience will be magical for you. 

$395AUD (incl GST)

OR two payments of $200 one month apart



More details about the event

Where is the event?

The Olsen Hotel, 637 - 641 Chapel St, South Yarra, Victoria. 

I have chosen an luxe hotel where you can enjoy feeling pampered and taken care of in a beautiful environment. Only the best for you!

What time is the event?

Registration will open from 9am with a 9:30am start. We'll break for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and the final hour will be integration, networking and time to connect and debrief. We'll conclude around 4:30pm. My intention is that you'll complete your day feeling expansive - not overloaded, emotionally wrung out or over-cooked!

What should I wear?

Wear something that feels fabulous and you.

I know you do a lot of emotional clearing work Kerry, is this going to be a highly emotional day?

My intention for this day is that you feel light, and expansive. I will guide you to expand your energy and capacity and connect to your intuition. You may find some emotion does come up on the day, but deep emotional clearing is not the focus. I will have a skilled support person in the room who can give extra care to anyone who needs that during the day.

What kind of food will be served?

Good question, this is important to me too! I'll share the menu with you below. I have asked if we can be offered some less carb-heavy options but at present, this is what we can expect to enjoy.