If you’re like many of my clients, you want to grow your business in a way that feels good to you. Your own way.

You definitely don’t want to follow someone else’s formula, get caught up in comparisonitis, stuck in overwhelm, or get stuck seeking answers outside yourself. You want to feel in control, and connected to your own guidance. Grounded. Aligned. Purposeful.

But we all get stuck, at times.

So many things can throw you off course when you work for yourself.

Fear, self-doubt, money blocks, plans that don’t work out, unsubscribes, refund requests, failed launches. It’s so easy to get blocked.

Although I’ll bet there’s a lot you’re doing right in your business, there may be some things that are really holding you back:

      • You’re not yet attracting the number of clients you need
      • You feel like you’re getting in your own way
      • You have fears about visibility
      • You feel like you’ve got money blocks
      • Maybe you feel a bit funny about your fees or blocked around achieving your next income goal
      • Sometimes you might even know what’s holding you back but don’t know how to shift it
      • You might have been in business for a while and have experienced success, but you want or need to make changes and blocks are coming up


I want to help you deepen your connection to your own guidance.

When I work with my entrepreneurial clients, one of the key things I help them do is to connect to their own wisdom. I created Align + Attract to teach you how to align your energy to your business goals in a range of specific areas. If you want to attract more ideal clients and feel solid with your fees and confident as you work towards your next income milestone, this course is for you.

It can feel easier.

You can learn how to release the blocks that are holding you back. You can learn how to deeply support yourself and access your own internal answers with far more confidence. You can learn how to feel clear and calm as you move forwards feeling like you’re on the right path for you.

Let me teach you how!

I’m Kerry Rowett. As a Kinesiologist I encounter many stressed-out entrepreneurs who want to do things differently. With deep integrity and a big mission, they want help to create their own path.

Wouldn’t you love to expand into your potential with grace, lightness and power?

You don’t have to force or push or live in fear. There is a better way. What if you could identify and clear the blocks that are standing in your way? And what if you could truly connect to your Soul and from a place of deep inner connection, make empowered choices and decisions about your business, and align to what you really desire?

I created Align + Attract, to help you do exactly that.

I started my business back in 2009 and was profitable enough by 2011 to take it full time. My main tool? Alignment. I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you since then helping them release blocks and align to their goals.

In this group program, I teach you how to align to your own goals.

Across 5 modules, you align to key aspects of your business including your ideal clients, pricing and income goals. You will learn a process you can use anytime you feel stuck or off track. You’ll also connect to a community of committed, lovely and focused solopreneurs aligning right alongside you. [We start this live round on July 3rd and that’s when you’ll get access to Module One. You’ll get access to each new module weekly from there, with a one week break after Module Three.]It’s incredibly powerful.

Kerry Rowett ::



The Align + Attract program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want more creative flow and less crippling fear as they make strong decisions for their business.

Your Align + Attract journey starts as soon as you join with instant access to your pre-course materials and bonus content to help you start getting aligned right away.

We start this live round on July 3rd and that’s when you’ll get access to Module One. You’ll get access to each new module weekly from there, with a one week break after Module Three.

Align + Attract helps you create the business you’re here to create, from a strong energetic centre, your place of integrity.

  • Weekly alignment audios focused on helping you set your overall intentions for your business, align to your ideal clients, align to your fees, align to your income goals and align to attracting your right numbers
  • Weekly videos related to each topic
  • During the live round, you have the opportunity to share your questions each week. These will all be answered during a Facebook Live on Friday (the specific time will vary) and you can watch the live video if you’re online, or catch the replay when it’s convenient for you.
  • Access to our Q & A call archives. There are 4 Video Q & A’s for each module plus a written transcript of each to read rather than watch which allows you to find the answers to your own questions quickly and easily.
  • A supportive Facebook community where you share your alignments, questions and insights throughout the course
  • Beautifully designed weekly workbooks which guide you to explore the themes of each module more deeply


Bonus Content:

  • You receive a digital copy of Kerry’s DIY Kinesiology Kit ($79) so you can start aligning as soon as you join us
  • You receive a beautifully designed physical copy of Kerry’s Chakra Cards in the mail for you to use in your alignments ($35)
  • You also receive a Sacred Self mini alchemical oil, to help raise your vibration
  • Bonus materials including screen savers, a manifesto poster for you to print and a “Guide Activation” audio infused with healing energy for you to listen to before we begin.
  • Pre-course workbook to help you start creating alignment in your life and environment to support you as you align to your business goals during the program.

Pricing in AUD, includes GST for AUS clients

One Payment of $555 or Four Monthly Payments of $145 each

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Align + Attract, it was so well presented, easy to follow and fun. Kerry’s knowledge, passion, empathy and guidance is truly amazing. I have a renewed clarity, confidence and energy in my business. This is exactly what I have been looking for and I found it with Align + Attract. Thanks so very much Kerry, I am forever grateful for coming across your course. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain more clarity, confidence, passion and self-worth in their business and life in general.

Treena Purchase :: Vibrant Wellbeing Kinesiology

Align and Attract is not just a course you sign up to, complete and forget about – it’s an absolute gift for life that I return to again and again. My alignments have brought definite and positive shifts in all areas of my life – more ease, more joy, more clients and more clarity.

I now have a better and more gentle understanding of myself and a stronger sense of trust in what is meant to be. Kerry’s alignment process is simple, fun and truly works! The A+A community is beautifully supportive too.

If you are looking to create meaningful change in your life, relationships and/or business, you must experience Align and Attract!

Bronni Page ::

Align + Attract was more incredible than I could have imagined. More and more things are unfolding for me personally and for my business. I think this course is absolutely essential for any woman entrepreneur to give yourself support and help set yourself up for success. Thanks Kerry Rowett for everything you do.

Emma Polette ::

Kerry’s Align + Attract course is one of a kind. I’ve never experienced shifts like that through an online course. That’s because it’s so much more than a just a course; with Kerry’s guidance, you tap into the innate wisdom of your business, and your energy. It stops being about what’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, and becomes about alignment. You become your own business adviser, in a way that allows the overwhelm, stress and confusion to simply drop away. What it leaves is clarity, connection and a deep sense of alignment, support and self-belief. If you’re feeling stuck in your business, it’s time to align… and attract. Let Kerry guide you there; she knows the way.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones :: 



Align to Your Intentions

We might think we want a successful business, but in reality our words, feelings, thoughts + actions may not be aligned to our true intentions. It’s so important to get clear on what you REALLY want and we start by setting big picture intentions.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to align your words, feelings, thoughts + actions with what you really desire.
  • How to align to powerful intentions for this course + your business, such as aligning your business with your Soul, if that’s what you desire.


Attract Your Ideal Client

Perhaps you think you’ll feel happy enough to attract ANY clients, but the truth is that your ideal client will help you perform at your best. These are the clients most likely to continue to work with you – and tell others how wonderful you are. If you’d love to work with more clients who love what you do and how you do it, you’ll get so much out of this module.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to identify + energetically attract your ideal client.
  • How to dissolve barriers that may keep you from attracting the clients you most want to work with.


Align Your Fees

You need to be congruent with what you’re charging in order to attract clients who are also happy to pay your fees and know they get great value. You also need to have the confidence in yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that your services are actually worth far MORE than what you charge.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Practical techniques to help you set fees that not only match the value you provide, but that your ideal clients are happy to pay.
  • How to shift money blocks that keep you in energetic wedlock to your current fees.

We will have one week of integration after this module with no new content.


Align Your Income Goals

Money brings up huge emotions + blocks for many entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs have beliefs around needing to work extremely hard to make money, or feel that certain money goals are simply out of their reach. This module focuses on helping you create the financial abundance you desire from a place of energetic ease.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What specific blocks are preventing you from creating the monthly or yearly revenue you want to create.
  • How to dissolve outdated beliefs about money that are holding you back.
  • How to release fear + overwhelm around your money.


Attract Your Right Numbers

What are the unseen blocks that are preventing you attracting the number of clients or course participants you want? Often we might say we want more clients or course participants – but subconsciously we’re actually blocking it. The changes we need to make in order to attract more clients are very often internal (and once that’s clear, you’ll find taking the practical, real-world actions required will be so much easier).

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to uncover the blocks preventing you attracting the numbers you actually want.
  • Shift these blocks so that external actions are aligned with your inner state.
  • How to dissolve the inner barriers to filling the course you’ve poured your heart + soul into.

Align and Attract is hands down the best and most empowering program I’ve done for my business (and life)!

It has given me practical tools and support to identify and own my goals and bring to light the subconscious blocks and fears standing in the way of me rising and taking action.

As a result of obtaining greater alignment within, I’ve become more comfortable being visible and putting myself out there with less effort, I’ve been creating videos and writing more consistently. I’ve attracted more clients, raised my fees, and got over the fear of investing in systems to provide support and structure to my business.

I can’t thank you enough Kerry for what you have created to support others to create a business that is truly heart centred, purposeful and fulfilling.

Jacinda Meiklejohn ::

Align + Attract is refreshingly insightful + amazzzzzing!! As a Soulpreneur, until now, I had sadly never resonated with typical-already-made-biz-growth-expansion-marketing-formulas programs.

A+A has gifted me with a process + tools for creating and developing my business in a way that completely resonates with ME, 100%. As I work from a pure space of heart & soul, it is truly invigorating!! WOW!

Thanks to A+A, my inspirations abound. My energy is wondrously vibrant. I feel aligned and clear on my next best steps e-v-e-r-y week. My blocks and limiting beliefs are being dissolved. I have never felt so clear & motivated to move forward with my business. Miraculous!

Lynne Marion ::

I shifted things in Align + Attract that I never even knew existed. It opened my thoughts, changed my focus on where I want to head rather than always looking backwards. I highly recommend this course to anyone business or personal because it is simple, effective, something you can use forever, it takes you places you wouldn’t believe and at the end of the day it makes a huge difference to achieving your goals and ultimately how you feel about yourself.

Kacey Griggs ::

Kerry’s Align + Attract course propelled my dreams and goals into reality, really fast. What I love about the course is how your energy will start to shift in such subtle ways that before you know it, you’ve already achieved your goals. I can’t quite believe all that has transpired in the months since I did this course. It was a clear and positive catalyst for big changes in my business. Kerry is the walking example of alignment and with her guidance and wisdom, your goals will become a reality too.

Elena Pilch ::

The Align + Attract group program contains the techniques I’ve created + used with hundreds of my clients to help them achieve success. Our next live round begins 3 July 2017!

I can teach you how to grow your business from a place of alignment. In Align + Attract you learn how to:

  • Get honest about what you really want
  • Release your fears and blocks
  • Let go of the past
  • Connect to your intuition
  • Create the business and life you desire

If you’d love to feel more connected to your own wisdom as you grow your business, join us!

There are some decisions in life that are pivotal. Where the blessings that flow from that choice are immeasurable. Joining Align + Attract was one such decision. Just do it. (You can thank me later!)

Claire Kerslake ::

Align + Attract has been amazing! The shifts I went through during the course were simply beautiful. I honestly believe that the alignment process is my number one grounding tool when those pesky fears and self doubt hit me. Now I’m ready to fly and when I get sidetrack I have got the process to bring me back on-track. Thanks Kerry for sharing this beautiful process.

Angela Fogarty ::

I liked everything about Align + Attract. I had some major insights and shifts through the course. If you want what appear to be simple alignments that change your life at your core, then this is the course for you. If you would like to know you are really “doing the work” by the changes that come about then this course is for you. This is profound work if you are willing to go the full distance with it; it’s not for the faint hearted!

Melody Green ::


Align + Attract eCourse is perfect for you, if:

  • Money stuff stresses you out in your business and you want to feel confident and sure of yourself around pricing and your income goals.
  • You’re experiencing a lot of fear or low-grade fear over an extended period (this is doing more harm than good).
  • You are constantly looking outside yourself for answers and want to learn to tap into your own wisdom.
  • You feel like you’re not attracting your ideal clients (or enough of them).
  • You’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed (often within a set amount of time).
  • You’re worried about what others will think of you if you raise or restructure your prices.
  • You want your business to offer fun + freedom (not just hard work + high-risk).
  • You’re constantly thinking about what your competitors are doing or seeking external validation for your choices. (When you’re truly aligned…. you won’t care what other people think!)

Align + Attract is probably not going to serve you, if:

  • You’re not open to discover how your body’s energetic architecture creates your success.
  • You’re hopelessly devoted to doing more external stuff on your business (you’re just not going to do the inner work).
  • You want somebody else to take responsibility for the success of your business (sorry – I’m all for empowering entrepreneurs).

Kerry’s Align + Attract program is a well supported, clever and enjoyable journey that teaches effective methods to clear your way through old limiting blocks. The online group dynamic is always positive and Kerry ensures that everyone is optimally aligning and learning. I highly recommend her expertise and integrity.

Cassandra Hawkins ::

I did Kerry’s very first business alignment course back in 2011 and found my business goals become clearer and I had more client bookings too. I did the course again in 2015 and was amazed at the good results I achieved, that continued over the next 10 months! First I had to get clear about what I didn’t want and then I went on a journey of deeply discovering it’s my business and working with kids, creatives and empathic people that I truly love and adore. This year I just couldn’t deny that I had to commit to my business in a way I had been dreaming of. This has seen me invest a lot of time and money in upgrading my brand and webpage. To match the ‘me’ on the inside. I don’t think I could of done this without the alignment process and Kerry’s sage business advice!

Erin Boyd ::

I was drawn to sign up for Align and Attract while still working out the direction my new creative business should take. Kerry’s alignment process takes the angst and stress out of decision-making, allowing you to follow your own path with your own intuitive wisdom, knowing that you are being true to your authentic self. The alignments are useful for all aspects of life as well as business, and are a tool I use over and over again.

Wendy Hartley ::

I fully stand behind the Align + Attract principles because I have witnessed the profound shifts that come through working with these principles.

I believe that this program is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Before you invest in another external measure to boost your income or generate leads, I highly recommend you invest in learning how to get your energy into alignment with your business. When we are blocked on an energetic level, due to emotions and subconscious beliefs, whatever we try to do on the outside won’t stick. By aligning your energy system to your business goals you can’t help but magnetically attract the success the desire.

Are you ready to let go of fear? Are you ready for abundance to flow into your business?

You don’t even have to feel ready, you just have to be open to a different way of doing things.


Pricing in AUD, includes GST for AUS clients

One Payment of $555 or Four Monthly Payments of $145 each

Align + Attract is THE course to do if you’re wanting to learn how to clear your own blocks to your success and operate your business with integrity, from the soul. I received way more than I thought signed up for and I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. It’s not just a short course – we get phenomenal support and guidance from Kerry ongoing in the facebook group and the alignment process is an ongoing tool that we can work with to stay in alignment, as we continue to grow and expand. The process itself is just divine, the web portal and course documents are so clear, succinct and easy to follow. I’m more deeply connected to who I am and my purpose than ever, and my business is growing rapidly as a result. This work is sacred and powerful. If you’re feeling a calling towards this course? That’s your soul speaking to you. Do it!

Jacqueline Palazzo ::

The Align + Attract course with Kerry, for me revealed pathways of healing, growth and opportunity within both my personal life and business. Embracing the alignment process brought tangible outcomes of increasing my vitality and clarity, implementing business ideas and attracting more clients. The course outlay has quickly paid itself off with the increased profit. Being a Kinesiologist myself I was wondering just how much benefit I would receive from participating in the program having had years of balances… The answer is astronomical benefit. I loved every aspect of Kerry’s Align + Attract program, and it’s something I have integrated into my life and business for continual alignment and benefit. Thank you Kerry!

Meagan Otu ::

Align + Attract is absolutely inspiring and the tools I’ve learned from the program have helped me so much.
Whenever I feel like something is “off”, with me, my relationships, my business, I’m now able to turn to alignments and I’ve gained some pretty significant insights for which I am so grateful! Thank you for doing what you do and building the community that you have! And knowing that I have the tools in my hands to be able to align and feel better almost immediately is such a powerful thing. It’s given me clarity and allowed me to access calm during times where things get shaky, confusing and clouded by anxiety.

Lia Wong ::

Just wanted to personally say thank you so much for your time, enthusiasm, energy & knowledge you have shared in Align + Attract. It’s been the start of a beautiful journey for me! I feel totally blessed, in the flow of life & ready for an exciting future with my work & life.

Sharon Cairns ::

Of all the business tools, programs and education I’ve seen, none of them touch upon the internal aspects of creating a business. Which is why Kerry’s Align + Attract course is so valuable. It helps you to tap into your internal wisdom so you can be guided intuitively in your business. The workbooks and online portal are beautiful.

Joanna Mitchell ::

Align and Attract has been a game changing program that I will come back to time and time again. Through the program I learned a simple process to work through blocks and limiting beliefs — some of which I didn’t even realise were subconsciously holding me back. Align and Attract has helped me to stop myself spinning and catch myself in those moments of resistance and most importantly re-align me to the core of who I am and the work I’m here to do.

Siobhan Barnes ::

I started this course thinking that it would be the missing piece to my struggles with navigating towards a full time coaching business. I soon found that I delighted in diving deeper with an easy to use process in all areas of my life.

The process in this course has empowered me to take back the wheel from my fears, set a new, divinely guided course, navigate from a place of alignment and attraction and have the courage to venture forward with patience, curiosity and self acceptance.

Anna Schroeder ::

Kerry and I have been connected for over 3 years now and she was the very first kinesiologist I ever worked with. She honestly changed my life and not only helped me get through some challenging times but led me to follow my heart in finding my true purpose of becoming a kinesiologist myself. Align and Attract is well through out, easy to follow and extremely professional. The course has allowed me to focus on my business goals and continue to grow while defusing any fears or negative thoughts. I will continue to use the courses amazing tools and techniques while I build my business and I’m truly thankful to Kerry for putting her energy in to such a lovely course.

Yasmin Darwish ::

I loved Align + Attract. I had so many realisations whilst on this journey it was unbelievable. One of the ways it has helped me dramatically, is that I get really nervous doing talks or anything where I am the focus of the attention. I recently learnt how to teach a movement system called Qoya, and in order for me to fully qualify I need to run classes but I couldn’t imagine how I could get up in front of the women and teach. I went through the Alignment Process and successfully managed to teach a class without crumbling. I loved it and can’t wait until my next class. Thank you so much Kerry.

Melanie Murphy De Vincent ::

I joined Align & Attract with Kerry because my wellness business was feeling confusing and disorganised. I had too many products on the go but wasn’t sure which one’s to focus my time and energy on, or how to attract clients who were searching for what I offered. I had never tried kinesiology before so had no idea what to expect.

The course started with asking me look at my business from a completely different angle – I had to ask of myself “Is my business in line with my soul’s purpose?”. The answer was ‘No’. That simple question took me on a journey to discover exactly what my soul’s purpose was, what I needed to do to honour it and how my business could support it. Within days of discovering what I needed to do I had new leads flying into my inbox and bookings for my services. I’m so excited about my future, not because it might mean ‘more clients/ more money’ but because I feel that for the first time in my life I’ve taken the time to ensure my business is in line with my soul’s purpose and I now have a compass for my decision making. Thank you Kerry! The cost of the course has already been paid back to me in the bookings that I’ve received but the true value of the course is priceless.

Nicole Beardsley ::

Working with the material in Align and Attract really made me take stock of how I was supporting myself in creating my business and made me pay attention to where I could do that better. It challenged me to look at perceived limitations, and raise my inner barometer of the possible.

Rebecca Kellogg ::

Thank you for Align + Attract. I absolutely love the Chakra cards and have been using your alignment process for every aspect of my life. It constantly blows my mind how accurate it is! It’s such an empowering process. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Kate Logan ::

I’m really pleased I signed up for Align & Attract. I love Kerry’s alignment process and the wonderful supportive energy of the group she brings together. Having lifetime access to the materials and additional resources Kerry continually adds is so helpful.

Julie Marah ::

Align and Attract has really helped me really to look at the way I run my business and set goals, as a super sensitive soul and creative running a business, it is very easy for me to get out of alignment and can be hard to get into a creative space. Align + Attract has helped me overcome the blocks of resistance to achieving my goals and re-align me to my soul purpose. Thank you Kerry, your knowledge, wisdom and continued support throughout the program has been invaluable. This course was exactly what I needed.

Penelope Dudgeon ::

I loved this course! Kerry’s down to earth manner, uplifting energy and expertise makes this work easily accessible. Her attention in the facebook group was loving, respectful and always encouraging.

Through the processes Kerry presents in this program I was able to reorient my energy and thoughts back to my intuitive coaching work and make some confident decisions about my websites and how I want to strategically approach building my intuitive business. I felt greater confidence every time I engaged with the processes and the group. I feel I have more clarity.

I didn’t expect such a surge of happiness and positive energy. I’d hope for it but having done many online courses, knew that I could be disappointed. I wasn’t. It is exactly the kind of approach that I resonate with. It’s intuitive, gentle, open-ended, kind AND it’s focused on making energetic shifts that help your business.

If you are thinking about doing this course, know that wherever you are on your journey, Kerry and her processes will help you to make decisions around your business goals that feel aligned with success in life.

Susan Seale ::

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful course. It has already changed my life in so many ways and I know I have barely scratched the surface. I believe it is such a gift you have been so kind to share with us and I feel blessed to have worked with you. I have no doubt I will go over the course again and again. Such a powerful and special energy.

Melissa Lee ::

We are the drivers of our divine experience. Nothing outside of you, that is happening right now, holds more power over you than your own self-limiting or fear-based beliefs. Kinesiology heads to the source of these subconscious beliefs – your body.

Alignment is crucial to attracting the fees, clients + numbers your business needs for you to feel really strong + supported.

Because when you’re aligned ~

  • Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are connected.
  • You attract lots of the kinds of clients you like to work with – motivated, committed, reliable clients who love what you do and spread the word.
  • You have enough energy to sustain you.
  • You believe in yourself + especially your ability to serve your clients.
  • You feel safe and supported.
  • You have healthy beliefs around money.
  • Opportunities, creativity + joy flows freely.

However, when you’re locked in fear-mode ~

  • You cannot attract the most rewarding clients to work with you.
  • You inhibit a healthy flow of money, creativity + joy in your life.
  • Receiving (time, money, opportunities) is harder than it needs to be.
  • You feel shaky about what you’re offering + your prospective customers sense that.
  • You continually doubt your ability to deliver what you promise.
  • You can’t even appreciate the money you are making or the value you offer.
  • You are reliant on external affirmation to bolster your self-esteem.

As entrepreneurs we do need to spend a lot of time on the external stuff. But as you’ve probably sensed by now: there are other forces at play.

Do you know how to bring yourself back into alignment when you fall into fear or overwhelm?

How much attention do you give to the most important factor in your life – the health of your energy system?

Testimonial information:

All testimonials are fromAlign + Attract course participants in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Refund policy:

Please ensure you’ve thoroughly read through the course content and made an assessment that this course is relevant to your needs at this time. I encourage you to always give your full commitment to programs you sign up for. If you join us and find that despite your engagement with the materials, you’re not happy for any reason, let me know within 30 days of sign-up and you can receive a refund less $79 for the cost of materials sent to you in your welcome parcel. Please note that when joining on a payment plan you are making a legal commitment to complete all payments. This course is much loved by participants so if you don’t love it I’d rather you move on to something you do love. You will also retain access to my DIY Kinesiology Kit (which otherwise costs $79).